Phase 1 (Q1 June, 2022)

Concept and Development - During this phase, our team focused on finalizing the concept and technical details of our token, including the blockchain platform and smart contract development.

Phase 2 (Q2 December, 2022):

Smart Contract Technical Audit, Verification- During this phase, the Smart Contract was audited and verified on Etherscan to ascertain that it is secure and free of known vulnerabilities.

Phase 3(Q3, 13, January, 2023)

Mid-16 million block snapshot: 22 transactions 4 holders total supply 251.75 exg price 0.002 eth/exg capitalization 0.5035 eth profit 0.001277 eth/exg (63.85% roi) 99% per year average.

Phase 4 (Q4, January, 20, 2023)

Token Launch - Our token will be launched on January 1, 2023, and will be available for use on our platform, marking the completion of our token launch roadmap.